जर्नल ऑफ़ न्यूरोलॉजी एंड न्यूरोसाइंस

  • आईएसएसएन: 2171-6625
  • जर्नल एच-इंडेक्स: 17
  • जर्नल उद्धरण स्कोर: 4.43
  • जर्नल प्रभाव कारक: 3.38
में अनुक्रमित
  • जे गेट खोलो
  • जेनेमिक्स जर्नलसीक
  • वैश्विक प्रभाव कारक (जीआईएफ)
  • चीन राष्ट्रीय ज्ञान अवसंरचना (सीएनकेआई)
  • रिसर्च जर्नल इंडेक्सिंग की निर्देशिका (डीआरजेआई)
  • ओसीएलसी- वर्ल्डकैट
  • प्रोक्वेस्ट सम्मन
  • वैज्ञानिक जर्नल प्रभाव कारक (एसजेआईएफ)
  • यूरो पब
  • गूगल ज्ञानी
  • गुप्त खोज इंजन लैब्स
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An Interesting Case of Intracranial Tuberculoma with Spinal Tuberculous Spondylitis in a Patient with Muscular Dystrophy

Kalyani J, Saravanan S, Narayanan S

This case describes an unusual or novel occurrence. An unexpected association between intracranial tuberculoma and spinal tuberculosis. This is an unexpected event in the course observing and treating a patient with muscular dystrophy. We report a case combination of spinal tuberculous spondylitis and intracranial tuberculoma which is extremely rare. So far only five cases have been reported in the literature. 32-year-old female who is a known case of muscular dystrophy presenting with fever, diplopia, low back ache and motor weakness of both upper and lower extremities based on magnetic resonance imaging and polymerase chain reaction, we diagnosed as tuberculoma. She was started with conventional antituberculous treatment and steroids. The association of potts spine with intracranial tuberculomas is extremely rare. Up to date, there are only few cases which have been reported in the literature. Intracranial tuberculomas associated with intramedullary tuberculomas only about 5 cases has been reported worldwide.